Wednesday, 19 December 2012


GUYS! We just found out that we are nominated for a Menschie award! The past 2 hours have been a whirlwind of over-sized novelty bagel deliveries, twitter mentions and anticipation about what hilarious photo will be posted of us.... click HERE if you want to find out! Thank you to the Grid for being a great supporter of our hair-brained scheme turned career XO

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Things got festive up in here this month!
 ...and we debuted our super professional Junction Flea Directory which was made by the multi-talented Erin Demille aka Royal Sugar 
 ...AND we had a DJ!
Then we realized that the sound system was only connected to the main hall and had to run out to shoppers and buy an ipod dock. It sounded really tinny, but I guess that's what you get for $40 (thanks Sony). Adam and Davis of Crown Flora have promised to bring their superior Bose system to future Fleas and play some sweet jams for the front room.
The savior of the day for the upstairs vendors where it was about 100 degrees, a clementine-lime ice pop by Augies which tasted like pure Christmas.
Seriously, these are Junction Flea cookies, a Christmas present from Manual Labour Coffee. We also went home with multiple bottles of wine,  a few cases of beer, and lots of Christmas cards because our vendors frigging rule. We've got lots of ideas up our sleeves for the New Year and we can't wait to share them with you all. Thanks to all the enthusiastic customers and bang-on vendors who come out month after month for making the December Flea the best one yet! Sincerely,
The Junction Flea xo

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Food at the Flea!

Make sure you come to the Flea hungry this weekend or you will regret it! No crappy overpriced brunch for Junction Flea patrons oooh nooo! Lindsey Bakes/Belly Brothers will be serving up some delicious rosemary grilled cheese, to-die-for tourtiere, truffled popcorn, amazing gingerbread houses, and a variety of cookies! Wonderful food to keep you warm and happy while you enjoy the Flea, as well as great holiday gifts for everyone on your list! 
 PS- my dad bought a tourtier last month and he basically lost his mind it was so good.

Now that we can't fit any of the trailers in the Great Hall Manual Labour Coffee has adapted with another sweet kitchen set up, so no need to buy crummy Starbucks coffee across the street!

 The ladies of  SNACKS food creative will be serving up hot cocoa with whipped cream + crushed candy cane, maple cured peameal sandwiches (aged canadian cheddar + pickled cranbery mustard) (Mmmmmm) with a choice of celery root + apple slaw or butternut squash + red skin potato salad with apple cider & rosemary. As well as prepared foods like dilly beans, dilly pickles, hot pickled peppers, giardinera, homemade mustard, fucking HOT sauce, pickled beets, pickled turnips, bacon jam and onion jam for cheese plates and more..perfect for gift giving! They didn't provide me with a photo so I've taken the liberty of using this one from a recent party at Russet&Empire:
Cam and Ada at FeasTO will be serving handmade ramen and their awesome dumpling combos and most likely dancing behind their booth all day,  because that's how they roll.