Saturday, 15 June 2013

S'mores at the Night Flea!

New food vendor Candice Leung, our new in house food genius will be serving S'MORES to keep the crowds happy into the wee hours for the Night Flea June 22. Show up early, I have a feeling these will sell out fast!

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Night Flea!

As part of the Junction Summer Solstice Festival,  we will be hosting a Night Flea from 7-MIDNIGHT! Admission is free, and we are going to whip up a bunch of special night events for your nighttime pleasure!  Remember those million string lights that went up at the Great Hall for Christmas? They turned out to be a great investment because we're going to string them all over the lot, car dealership style! Click here to RSVP on Facebook and to keep up with all the latest Night Flea news<3

Saturday, 8 June 2013

Listen to Toronto Life!

Toronto Life has wisely decided that the Junction Flea is on the list of Reasons to Love Toronto Now. We know you agree because you are reading our blog, but still, we are excited to show off!
Look at the little cartoon Manual Labour and feasTO! So cute!

New Vendor: MAGIC PONY

We are super-duper excited to announce that our buddies at Magic Pony will be at the June 9th Junction Flea. 

Magic Pony is dedicated to the exhibition and promotion of the best in young contemporary art. We operate as a studio, gallery and retail environment, combining elements of art, design and popular culture to create an unique shopping experience. As curators, printers and publishers, Magic Pony functions as a outlet for communicating and sharing new visual concepts.

Vendor Profile: ALYNNE LAVIGNE

ALYNNE LAVIGNE is a local jewelry design brand that also shares a passion for vintage gems! Come see the AL ladies at The Junction Flea this weekend, and find out what vintage jewels they're willing to part with! 

Friday, 7 June 2013

Tintype Studio this Sunday!

 The Tintype Studio revisits a historical photographic tradition, creating a unique image on a metal surface. Reviving this process by offering a fun and participatory take on the instant photo booth, the public is given a chance to experience a chapter in photographic history.
Get a unique portrait on polished tin at the June 9th Junction Flea. First come, first serve
Classic plate size offered once again (3.25" x 2.75")
All the rage in 1856!
$40 each