Monday, 20 August 2012

Junction Design Crawl

If you like coming up to the Junction Flea then you're going to flip your lid for the Junction Design Crawl! Russet & Empire and Smash are participating as well as neighbourhood friends ARTiculations, Mason, Mjolk, Narwhal, Opticianado, Phillipa C, and Telephone Booth Gallery. Each participating shop or studio will have white lights outside for easy navigation and will be hosting a special event or installation for one evening only! Go to and check out #junctiondesigncrawl on twitter. 
See you Friday night!

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Vendor Profile: EMPORIUM

Emporium by I Miss You

When I opened my first shop ‘I Miss You’ on Ossington, I filled it with vintage formal dresses and high-end designer label finds in an undeniably ‘girly’ and ‘pink’ setting.  So this time, I wanted to channel another side of myself for my most recent retail project.

Emporium carries Victorian to Art Deco jewellery, turn of the century objects, and vintage leather-goods including purses, bookbags, backpacks, and belts. All housed in a newly renovated space using 120 year old reclaimed barn-board and antique Victorian display cases.
Although I will never get bored reading about Yves Saint Laurent and Karl Lagerfeld, it certainly wasn’t a love of Chanel that first hooked me into the world of vintage fashion. My high school days were spent searching through boxes of Victorian photographs for the lady with the tallest and most extravagantly plumed hat, studying Art Deco gowns and hairstyles in Delineator, and coveting all the beautifully grotesque Art Nouveau jewels in my “Vienna 1900” book.
Seven years of peddling disco dresses and spandex 80’s dresses on Ossington has made me long for a return to my original love. And I’ll admit... watching all of those late night episodes of Boardwalk Empire and Deadwood have also inspired me to once again pay more attention to the finer details of antique clothing, and even buy a ‘Victor talking machine’ from 1904.

 If utility was what I should have been thinking about when being drawn to a particular item, I wouldn’t have collected all of those hatpins, glove stretchers, chatelaines, and corset lacers.  Instead, I have always had a romance with history. Dealing with old things somehow puts me at ease with our own temporality. After all, ‘ars longa, vita brevis.’
So when I’m not rearranging old sequin party dresses in I Miss You, I am next-door in Emporium surrounding myself with even older stuff.
Our booth at Junction Flea will have hundreds of leather-goods from our back-stock, along with other odds and ends.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Getting ready for Sunday!

 Ever wonder how all of those Junction Flea posters and postcards end up all over the city?
That's what those little flat storage clips on your bike are for doye! Under cover of darkness, armed with staple guns, swiss army knives, and packing tape we ride around town the week of the Flea slipping them into mailboxes and pasting them up on as many surfaces as possible.
 xx Junction Flea wuz here xx
 But the class doesn't end there dear Flea blog readers! To boost moral we host a night-before-the-flea soiree where the warm white wine flows right into plastic dollar store cups and the pizza delivery guy receives instructions to deliver to 'the lot on the corner of Dundas W and Indian Grove, you'll see us sitting on the ground by the trailer, can't miss us!'.
Would you believe me if I said I took this the night before the last Flea during our soiree?

See you Sunday friends!