Saturday, 9 February 2013

New Vendor: SARTORIA

In our books, the very finest in the textile recycling bin is the
cashmere and merino wool.  super luxurious natural fibres that don't itch, breathe well, insulate and are machine excellent example of nature's often high-tech/low-fi innate design.

sartoria is collecting all the merino wool and cashmere sweaters she can
find....and turning it all into classically styled base layer pieces designed to keep you warm and happy throughout the autumn, winter and spring.  Each aspect of the sweater is integral to the design of the piece, resulting in really special detailing and highlighting some of
the beauty of the original sweater design and manufacture.  every piece is a one-off and although similiar colourways and details can be achieved, the finished product only happens once.  the limitation of working with what she finds provides the context for the variations that
are always forming and changing.

pieces are finished with japanese made soft elastic trim and every garment is machine washable in cold water.  all designing and manufacturing now takes places in the west end of downtown toronto, since moving from Montreal's Mile-End 4 years ago.  the collection is
also available online, where the opportunity to create custom orders is made easy with special order forms for each piece.  individual ready-made pieces can also be found