Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Getting ready for Sunday!

 Ever wonder how all of those Junction Flea posters and postcards end up all over the city?
That's what those little flat storage clips on your bike are for doye! Under cover of darkness, armed with staple guns, swiss army knives, and packing tape we ride around town the week of the Flea slipping them into mailboxes and pasting them up on as many surfaces as possible.
 xx Junction Flea wuz here xx
 But the class doesn't end there dear Flea blog readers! To boost moral we host a night-before-the-flea soiree where the warm white wine flows right into plastic dollar store cups and the pizza delivery guy receives instructions to deliver to 'the lot on the corner of Dundas W and Indian Grove, you'll see us sitting on the ground by the trailer, can't miss us!'.
Would you believe me if I said I took this the night before the last Flea during our soiree?

See you Sunday friends!