Monday, 7 January 2013


The Eye of Faith is an online vintage clothing and lifestyle brand established and operated out of the Junction since 11/11/11. As well as the online {SHOP}The Eye of is rapidly becoming one of the leading voices in vintage clothing, style, and inspirations.  We have been shipping out to Paris, New York, London, Los Angeles, and Australia and hope to make an introduction to our neighbours! The Eye of Faith is excited to make their public debut with The Junction Flea!
A visit to the site has been described as "falling down the rabbit-hole". . . and this is exactly what to expect. With an undying passion for finding beautiful articles of the past, and the idols of yesteryear, we hope to invoke the very best,and perhaps unexpected, deep from within. That's the magic of vintage; the transformation from outside and in
Every year we throw out thousands of pounds of used clothing, and spend billions of dollars on new. In our ever fragile world, it’s time for our collective consciousness to come together to help make things better. Choosing vintage is an easy way to stay on point with your style, while also being conscious of the planet! 

Online, The Eye of Faith primarily focuses on menswear, and menswear inspirations, but special for The Junction Flea we expect to bring some much anticipated pieces of women's clothing from the collection!
We hope not just to bring back traditions of style, and the ritual of getting dressed to impress, but also progress with the times and innovate new styles! Our inspirations range from Master Masons to Prophet Playboys, so expect to see something weird and/or wonderful . . . (if you dare!!!)

You can browse some of our stuff at our {SHOP} at