Thursday, 10 January 2013

New Vendors! Wicket Records & Of a Kind

Wicket Records is an independent vinyl record 'pop-up' that makes its home wherever music enthusiasts may be found. In an attempt to spread love and admiration for the album experience - and despite the obvious difficulties of transporting vinyl without an automobile - Matt "H" Hodgman has been sharing his own ever-growing music collection with the streets of Toronto for years now. Follow /WicketRecords on Twitter, Facebook, or Toronto's own Shopcaster to find regular updates on new product, pop-up locations and local music news.
Photo by Corbin Smith

Of a Kind is a retailer specializing in vintage fashion and vinyl records. Best described as a creative hub for the artistic community, Of a Kind also carries locally made jewellery, antiques, art, music, and 'zines, as well as hosting regular in store performances, film screenings, and art launches.

1037 College St (West)